G-1 Top Gun Maverick Leather Jacket


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G-1 Top Gun Maverick Leather Jacket is the most wanted and dashing piece till date. Gather the attire for you and make yourself look noble.


  • Material: Faux Or Real Leather
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Collar: Shirt Style With Faux Fur
  • Pockets: Two on Waist and Two Inside
  • Cuffs: Rib Knitted
  • Closure: Zipper Style with Waistline Rib Knitted
  • Color: Brown



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Tom Cruise Top Gun G-1 Flight Maverick Jacket

A very famous American action drama film, Top Gun 1986 directed by Tony Scott, produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. The movie follows Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a young and talented fighter pilot who is selected to attend the Top Gun Navy Flying School. There, in his Top Gun Maverick Jacket he competes with the best of the best, while also struggling with the loss of his best friend and mentor. Along the way, he falls for his civilian instructor, Charlie, and must overcome his own personal demons to become the top pilot.

The stars of the film are Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. The lead character, Tom Cruise as Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. He is a skilled fighter pilot who is selected to attend Top Gun. His famous Top Gun Maverick Leather Jacket is a must-have. His love interest is Kelly McGillis as Charlotte Blackwood.

Get ready to relive the thrill of Top Gun with our new clothing collection inspired by the film. The bomber jackets of our collection capture the signature style of the characters in the movie. You can channel your inner Maverick now.


G-1 Top Gun Maverick Leather Jacket

G-1 Top Gun Maverick Leather Jacket is the most wanted and dashing piece till date. The Jacket is a stylish and functional jacket inspired by the iconic bomber jacket worn by Tom Cruise’s character in the hit movie Top Gun. The jacket is available in brown colour which makes it versatile and can be worn on any casual occasion.



The leather jacket features a classic bomber jacket design with a shirt style faux fur collar, front zipper closure, and ribbed knitted cuffs and hem. This Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket also features several pockets, including two side pockets, and an interior pocket, providing ample storage for all your essentials. The jacket has a slim fit design, which gives it a sleek and modern look, perfect for any fashion-conscious individual.


Unique ways to style:

The Maverick Top Gun Bomber Jacket. Layer the jacket over a chunky knit sweater for a cosy, yet stylish look that is perfect for colder weather. Pair it with ripped jeans for a casual, edgy look, pair the jacket with ripped jeans and a pair of sneakers or boots. To look formal, pair the jacket with a button-up shirt and dress pants.

Accessories the Top Gun Maverick Bomber Leather Jacket with a scarf to add a pop of colour and a touch of personality to your look. Mix with different materials: Pair the leather jacket with different materials like wool, cotton, denim, or corduroy pants, adding a layer of texture to your look. Cinching a belt around the waist of the jacket can add a more defined look and highlight your figure. Layer a hoodie under the jacket, making it more practical and cosy, while still maintaining the jacket’s style. Experiment with it until you find the perfect combination that suits your personal taste and personality.


Top Gun Kelly Mcgillis Jacket

The Top Gun Kelly McGillis Jacket is a stylish and functional jacket inspired by the iconic jacket worn by Kelly McGillis’s character in the hit movie Top Gun. The Top Gun Kelly Mcgillis Jacket has a slim fit design, which gives it a sleek and modern look, perfect for any fashion-conscious individual. It has patches on the front and sleeves to add more detail. Overall, the Top Gun Kelly McGillis Bomber Jacket is the perfect combination of style, function, and durability.


The Materials Used To Make The Jacket:

Made from real or faux leather materials, this jacket is very comfortable. The black jacket features a classic jacket design with a shirt style collar and a front zipper closure. The full sleeves are complimented with snap tab cuffs. The jacket also features several pockets, including two side pockets and an interior pocket, providing ample storage for all your essentials.


Easy Ways To Pair:

The Top Gun Kelly McGillis Bomber Jacket is an iconic piece of clothing that can be styled easily. Keep it casual with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or sweater. Dress it up with a dress or skirt and a pair of heels for a more formal look. Add some edge with a pair of leather pants, a band t-shirt, and boots. Try the unexpected look with a pair of wide-leg pants and a pair of loafers for a unique and stylish look.Pair it with corduroy pants for a cozy and unique look. Layer a vest over the jacket for added warmth and style. Experiment with different colors, like pairing the jacket with a pastel colored shirt or pants, to add a unique twist to the look.


Tom Cruise G-1 Flight Top Gun 2 Jacket

The Tom Cruise G-1 Flight Top Gun 2 Jacket in Olive Green is an iconic piece of clothing inspired by the jacket worn by Tom Cruise’s character in the movie Top Gun 2. The jacket is adorned with a Top Gun and US Navy patches on the chest and sleeves making it an instant head-turner. The Tom Cruise G-1 Flight Top Gun 2 Jacket is perfect for fans of the movie or anyone looking for a high-quality bomber jacket that combines style, function, and durability.



It is made from high-quality parachute or cotton materials. It features a classic bomber jacket design with a shirt style knit collar, front zipper closure, and ribbed cuffs and hem. The jacket also features two chest pockets.


Create An Outfit:

A Tom Cruise G-1 Flight Top Gun 2 Jacket can be a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Here are a few ways to style it: Pair it with neutral tones for a classic look. Pick colors like black, white, or gray. This creates a balanced look and allows the jacket to be the focal point.To add some visual interest, pair the jacket with a pop of color. Try pairing it with a red or blue shirt or sweater, or even a pair of colorful pants. Layer the jacket over a t-shirt and under a coat for a stylish, layered look. Keep it casual for a laid-back look, pair the jacket with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or sweater.

To dress up the jacket, pair it with dress pants and a button-up shirt for a more formal look. Finish off the look with a pair of sunglasses, a watch, or a beanie. Have fun with different styles and combinations until you find the perfect one that suits you.


1-3rd Marine Air Wing:

The 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) is a unit of the United States Marine Corps that provides air support to Marine forces. The patch for the 3rd MAW features an eagle perched on top of a globe, with the wings of the eagle spread wide and the Marine Corps’ eagle, globe, and anchor emblem at the centre of the globe. The patch is worn by the members of the 3rd MAW as a symbol of their unit identity and service.

2-USS Oriskany

The USS Oriskany (CV/CVA-34) was a United States Navy aircraft carrier, the second of three Forrestal-class supercarriers. It was named for the Battle of Oriskany during the Revolutionary War. The USS Oriskany was nicknamed the “Mighty O” and was known for the iconic “Top Gun” jacket patch worn by its air wing personnel. The patch featured the silhouette of the ship with a pair of fighter jets flying overhead.

3-Texas | Dallas

It is an embroidered patch which nods to the flag of US Texas State Dallas. The patch symbolizing the state of the lone star is called Texas Dallas Patch. The colours in it are red, blue, and white. There is a text written on top and bottom which is Texas Dallas. It has a white star with a royal blue background.


The Seabees are the United States Navy’s Construction Battalions. They are responsible for building and maintaining infrastructure and facilities in support of naval operations. The Seabee patch typically features an image of a bee with a hard hat and hammer, along with the word “Seabees” written above or below the bee. The patch is worn by Seabees as a badge of pride.

5-3rd Marine USMC Amphibious Force

The 3rd MEB, III Marine Expeditionary Force takes care of disaster relief operations. It rapidly conducts humanitarian assistance. It is specialized in amphibious assault and high-intensity combat. This patch is a red-coloured patch and has a yellow dragon on the front.

6-USS William H. Standley

The USS William H. Standley (CG-32) was a United States Navy guided missile cruiser, named after Admiral William Harrison Standley. The ship would have had a patch representing its crew, and it could have been worn by the sailors that served on board as a badge of honor. There is a combination of red, blue, and yellow colors on the patch.


VF-1 is a fictional fighter squadron. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, being a member of VF-1. The patch is worn on the flight suits of the pilots in the squadron. It features the silhouette of a fighter jet with the squadron’s call sign “VF-1” written above it.

8-Top Ten, USS Ranger/CVW-2

This award patch is of the U.S Naval Force Aircraft Carrier Air Wing. It is also known as Carrier Air Wing Two (CVW-2). The colors in this patch include red and dark blue. It also has the CVW-2 Top Ten text written on it with a bold yellow color.

9-S. Naval Air Station Jacksonville

Naval Air Station Jacksonville (NAS Jax) is a United States Navy base located in Jacksonville, Florida. The blue and yellow coloured patch represents the base and it could be worn by the sailors and marines that served in the base as a badge of honour. The triangle-shaped patch typically features the base’s name and location, along with an image of an aircraft or a representation of the base. It includes the words “Naval Air Station” or “NAS” written above or below the image.


The F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two-seat, variable-sweep wing fighter aircraft that was used by the United States Navy. This patch features a cat with stars and stripes in the background. It also includes the words “TOP GUN” written above it.

11-Comcrudesflot 9 “On the Move

It refers to Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla. This patch has a naval comcrudes-9 logo on it and a colour combination of blue and yellow.

12-Far East Cruise 63-4 | USS Galveston

The patch “Far East Cruise 63-4” refers to a deployment that took place in 1963-1964. It was worn by sailors who served on a ship or in a unit that was deployed to the Far East region during that time.The patch features a written text of Far East Cruise 63-4 and has four flags on it.

13-LT. P. Mitchell

This Lt. Pete Mitchell patch is of US Naval Aviator. This patch features the Lt. Pete Mitchell wrote on it and also US Naval Aviator. It has a color scheme of blue, gray and black.

14-Vigilance | Cruisers, Destroyers, Pacific

This patch is worn by sailors who are advanced guided-missile destroyers or cruisers. They carry nuclear power as a part of the Pacific Fleet. It has vigilance, destroyer, cruiser and pacific written on it. It also features a ship.

15-U.S. flag

The United States flag is worn on a jacket by personnel who served in the United States Navy or other branches of the military. It displays a symbol of patriotism, pride, and service. It is a beautiful combination of white, red and blue colors symbolizing bravery, virtue, and equity

16-U.S. 7th Fleet

The United States 7th Fleet is one of the forward-deployed fleets of the United States Navy.

It was the biggest fleet during world war two. It features an eagle and a light blue background. It has text written on it which includes United States Seventeen Fleet and Ready Power For Please.

17-CVW-19VF-194 Cruise

Carrier Air Wing 19 (CVW-19) is a United States Navy aircraft carrier air wing. A patch featuring CVW-19 and VF-194 is typically worn by air wing personnel who served on a specific deployment, cruise, or exercise. The patch features an image or symbol that represents the air wing and the specific squadron. It also has three colorful lines.

20 reviews for G-1 Top Gun Maverick Leather Jacket

  1. Ryan N. Sepulveda

    All parts of this jacket are exceptional. I especially love the little patches all over it.

  2. Michael L. White

    It’s hard for me to find good quality leather-based apparel, but this jacket did really exceed my expectations.

  3. Mina B. Wolford

    I place the order for this jacket because my elder brother loves the movie top gun and specially this jacket. Yesterday I got my parcel and it really fits well on my brother. Thanks for the amazing quality and service.

  4. Joel K. Koster

    It was my first ever purchase from a new website to test them and I must say it is well worth the money and I will definitely order from here again.

  5. Danny J. Jones

    I bought this jacket for my son 20th birthday and he absolutely loved it, it was a perfect fit, the quality of the leather is good and great value for money.

  6. Stephen K. Bright

    They dispatched me the best piece and I just liked it very much. The shipping was fast as well, I will shop with them again.

  7. Marcus C. Anderson

    The patches are perfectly stitched, the sizing is just outstanding and it feels really high quality. I’ll definitely be shopping here more often. Thanks TV Jackets!

  8. Kyle I. Mooring

    Today i just got my jacket and this is one of the best piece i ordered before. Reasonable price and great shipping service. I will try more from them.

  9. Luke M. Stamps

    Soft leather, fits well on me and looks smart. Order dispatched very quickly. The overall experience was good and i will buy again.

  10. Michael B. Pike

    Overall happy with the purchase and product was shipped timely. Wish I would have purchased one for myself too. My daughter wears it daily and loves it.

  11. Patrick B. Goff

    Whoa, I just ordered my favorite jacket from TV Jackets. It is so cool and the quality is just perfect.

  12. Daniel M. O’Connor

    This top gun jacket is my ultimate favorite one so placed the order for this from them and I am so much satisfied. I’ll definitely shop with you guys again!

  13. Robert R. Williams

    I was little confused at first when I ordered the Jacket. However when the package arrived I loved it and couldn’t wait to wear it. To be honest, I am impressed with them and surely recommend to you guys!

  14. Charles S. Ledbetter

    From the moment I opened the box, I got happy. This jacket has a stunning, and amazing feel to it, and as soon as I put it on, I was sure I’d made the right choice. Thank You so much.

  15. Scott C. Smith

    Exactly what I ordered for myself. Fast delivery service and great looking jacket and the sizing was perfect as well. I’ll definitely purchase and try another one.

  16. John M. Velasquez

    This jacket is really out of my expectations as I was not sure that the jacket will look that perfect and amazing. In love my purchase from you and the quality is superb.

  17. Danny M. Carr

    The jacket is so cool and ravishing. I am satisfied with my shopping here and will surely visit you guys another time.

  18. James B. Alvarez

    Only just received my jacket today, and I am honestly saying that the jacket is so amazing with wonderful patches on it. Thanks

  19. Mike J. Hopkins

    I got what I exactly ordered. Fast deliver and awesome looking jacket . Sizing was spot on as well. Very much happy!

  20. Mark M. Erwin

    Quality of the leather is good and a nice looking jacket. I will soon going to place an order for something else.

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1- Why is the top gun jacket very known in the general public?

It is a fashion statement. The jacket has become a symbol of the 1980s. The cult classic has become a symbol of nostalgia for many people.

2- Which is the most famous top gun jacket?

The most famous Top Gun jacket is likely the one worn by Tom Cruise in the 1986 film "Top Gun." The bomber jacket worn by his character, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, is one of the most recognizable and iconic pieces.

3- Why should you purchase the infamous top gun jacket from tvjackets.com

TV jackets is a company that specializes in high-quality, screen-accurate inspired clothing of famous movie and television jackets like the bomber jacket of Tom Cruise in the 1986 film "Top Gun." Tv jackets are made from high-quality materials so they are durable and long-lasting.

4-Is this the original and authentic top gun jacket?

This is an inspired Top Gun jacket is a jacket that is designed to be similar in style and appearance to the iconic bomber jacket worn by Tom Cruise in the 1986 film "Top Gun." A good option for those who want to have a similar look to the one from the film but at a lower cost.

5-How to create a look like Maverick in Top Gun?

Use the G1 Flight Bomber Jacket with the matching pair of white shirt and ripped blue jeans. This look will not only enhance the details but will be suitable for an important event.

6-What is the significance of patches on the jackets of Top Gun?

The Top Gun patches are different and very detailed, each has a specific significance in accordance with the jacket style. It is accustomed mainly with the characters they are provided with.

7-Which character entails most of the inspired clothing on the tvjackets website?

Along with Maverick clothing collection, we have Kelly Mcgillis jackets as well. This creates a variety in the Top Gun Merchandise.

8-Is Top Gun sequel very well appreciated?

After the original release of the 1986 Top Gun movie everyone was thrilled for the much awaited sequel that was released in 2022. It's not only enjoyed but highly appealed by the general public.