Privacy Terms

A privacy policy is having a significant part to explain the safety and essential terms of working and keeping a record of your personal information.

Which Personal Record We store:

When you step towards the online purchase and create an ID for tvjackets. We save your record as; name, email, and phone number, for US customers social security number is required but optionally.

Purpose To Save Your Record

The personal record is used to inform you about upcoming trends and events on TVjackets. It also helps us to upgrade our content, services, and advertising. You can keep touching with our mailings by authorizing us via email.

Your personal information works during while making variations in our products, services, content, and advertising.

We may use your record to send important messages including variations in our terms, conditions, and policies.

It might complete our hidden purposes such as examining, data analysis, and research to improve Leather Jacket Master’s products and services.

Safety Of Your Record

Security of your record is an essential need for you so tvjackets always tries to keep noticing that point. We must keep saving your private information aside preventing illegal access, echo, and demolishing.


Website pages save personal data, and online stores use SSL (security socket layer) certificates for encryption. To avail of these services, SSL-assisted browser Safari, Firefox, and internet explorer can help you save your data on the internet.

Your Duties

If you are doing any action on the tvjackets forum, chat room, and social sites service all kinds of activity are shared with all users. So be careful before sharing because it is reported, recorded, and used by several users.

For example, when you throw a review with your name and email address visible on the site. Please be alert before using these features.

Accuracy And Maintenance Of Personal Record

Tvjackets secures your record accurately and up to date. We will still maintain your record till to fulfill the goals of our privacy policy.

Access To The Personal Record

Tvjackets is always allowed to keep exact information about you, you can save your data with correction, completeness, and updates by logging into accounts.

You can replace your order to make changes and remove it from your record if it is incorrect, for Tvjackets if it is not required to keep it by the policy of illegal goals.

We may ignore to proceed these requests:

Illogically repetitive

Need unbalanced practical effort

Are extremely impossible

For which reach is not possible with local law

Access, accurateness, and removing requests can be possible to

Record of Children

We don’t have a record of children under 13 but if we will keep we can remove information about them when we want.

Our Company Varied Promise To Your Privacy

To make sure that, your record is safe, we move towards the privacy and safest policies of the Tvjackets team and place them into protective security indoors the company.

If you have any queries about your policy record, please just contact us:

Via email to

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